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Number of Floating Baffles (identical)
Floating Baffle Length (At Max Water Level)
Maximum Water level
Location Installation(City, State)
Berm Slope: Side One: 2:1, 3:1, Vertical, or Other 2:1     3:1    Vertical      Reversed
Berm Slope: Side Two: 2:1, 3:1, Vertical, or Other
2:1    3:1   Vertical      Reversed
Max Flow rate (GPD)
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Domestic Waste Yes      No
Industrial Waste Yes      No
Potable Water Yes      No
  Special Requirements
Exposed Geomembrane Liner Yes      No
All Stainless Steel Hardware Required Yes      No


water separation achieved by floating barrier curtain, baffle curtainer ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain is a custom prefabricated floating hydraulic barrier curtain. It is manufactured to create individual "cells" in an existing pond, allowing aerators to be used more efficiently, improve retention time and settling time, and eliminate "short circuiting in your waste water treatment pond. Each floating baffle curtain is designed to fit your specific needs. Curves, various bottom contours, flaps, and other unique features can be built in. Special materials can be used, depending on the chemical resistance desired.