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Floating Baffle Curtains

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ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain is a custom, prefabricated floating hydraulic barrier curtain manufactured to create individual "cells" in an existing pond. This allows existing aerators to be used more efficiently; to improve retention time, to improve settling time and the elimination of "short circuiting" in your wastewater treatment pond.

The Benefits you will receive from the Floating Baffle Curtain:

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ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain may offer an inexpensive solution to your current pond problem. By installing ETP's floating baffle curtain, an older pond can work more efficiently. Every bit of surface area can be used without the loss of any volume.

ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain is manufactured using only high quality fabrics. The fabrication of the floating baffle curtain is accomplished with a thermal sealing process which eliminates the need for sewn seams which could deteriorate over time.

Our Floating Baffle Curtain is designed to fit your specific needs, curves and various bottom contours. Flaps and other special features can be built in. Special materials can be used, depending on the chemical resistance desired.

ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain is easy to install and can be put into operation rapidly without costly equipment or expensive labor charges. The floating and flexible design allows the floating baffle curtain to adjust to changing fluid levels.

We believe you will receive superior performance and value with ETP's Floating Baffle Curtain System. Our quality approach has attracted hundreds of customers ranging from small municipalities to Fortune 500 corporations. Allow us to apply our expertise in thermoplastic fabrication and system manufacturing to your application.

Floating Baffle Curtain, custom manufactured by ETP to fit your pond

Floating Baffles: Custom designed and engineered. Thermal sealed or sewn, if required. Floating or suspended, N.S.F. approved fabric. S.S. hardware. Designed to adjust to changing fluid levels. An optional spine can increase freeboard, and a cable can be run through the grommets. Flotation is provided by closed cell logs which are sealed into the floating chambers. Baffles are built in sections of various lengths and are joined by non-corrosive hardware. The modular design permits the Baffle to be shipped to the job site finished. All that is required is fastening together and floating into position. If a section is damaged, it can be easily replaced.

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