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Industrial Curtains

Heavy Duty Industrial Curtains  Large Industrial Curtains, hanging, roll up, side to side, etc.

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ETP's fabricated custom industrial curtains for indoor or outdoor - each custom made to customer's requirements using a wide choice of materials, configurations, and colors. In either insulated curtain or non-insulated style, our curtains can be used for the following uses: confinement of contaminants, a cleaner work environment, separation of work areas, protections from sparks & hazardous debris, and reduction of heat & cold loss.

Industrial Roll Up Curtain

Roll Up Curtain in up positionRoll up curtain in down position

For applications that are unable to utilize a horizontally rolling curtain, ETP offers roll up curtains. With a variety of heavy duty fabrics in many colors available, these curtains can be used for almost any commercial or industrial application. The curtains have D-rings for rope to roll the curtain as well as pockets for weight and stability. The bottom pocket accepts a round pipe for easy rolling.

Industrial Side to Side Curtains

Side to Side closing Industrial Curtain

These curtains are fabricated from industrial strength fabric and are designed to open and close off areas from side to side. Suspended from tracks supplied by ETP (see below) the curtains can be used to close all or part of an area off.


Clear Panels Are Available


Curtain Partition

ETP's custom curtain partitions are each made to customer's specs using a variety of materials, configurations & colors. Our curtains can be used for the following uses: confinement of contaminants, a cleaner work environment, separation of work areas, protection from sparks & hazardous debris and reduce heat and cold loss. Clear panls are available.

Welding Curtain

Welding screens are made from polished welding curtain film. This material is UV inhibited to eliminate the harm of welding flash. ETP welding curtain passes all CFM tests for flame retardancy and is available in many colors. If a non-see through welding curtain is needed, a solid vinyl coated polyester partition or fire retardant canvas partition is available. All curtains have grommets in the hems.


ETP's industrial curtains have double-fold sewn hems for extra strength, heavy duty brass grommets closely spaced for added support (also available in stainless steel for highly corrosive applications) and vertical dielectric welded seams for additional strength. The bottom hem has a pocket for additional weights if required. They are available in a variety of brightly colored fire retardant fabrics for safety. Rugged light weight steel track and hardware is also available. Custom features such as doors, wind relief vents, velcro strips, windows and more can also be added in your curtain design.

The benefits of ETP's curtains for industry are:

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